FInD the Next Unicorn

Pitch your Big Idea to our Marquee Investor Panel and get on-the-spot funding

What is this event about?

‘FInD the Next Unicorn’ is a fast-paced, shark-tank like event that will showcase India's top ten early-stage FinTech startups looking to raise funding to our panel of five marquee investors. If the investors believe in the venture they will commit for an investment, on-stage.

What type of start-ups will participate?

FinTech startups that preferably have consumer-facing products, in the Pre-Series A stage and looking for up to $1M in funding.

What is in it for the FinTechs?

Apart from getting a chance to raise money, startups will get an opportunity to present at the India FinTech festival's main stage and showcase their venture to the industry. They will also receive extended media outreach through the media partners of IFF.

What is the selection criteria for the FinTechs?

  • Should be looking for less than or equal to $1M
  • Must have a consumer-facing product
  • Founder must be presentable or coachable
  • No ideation stage, must have a product
  • Must be an India-based start-up
  • Must have some positive revenue generation* (not a deal-breaker)

Who are the investors on the Investor Panel?

  • Amrish Rau - FinTech Investor. Co-founder and CEO Citrus and (x)PayU
  • Sanjay Mehta - Founder and Partner, 100X.VC

When will the event be held?

  • Event is scheduled on day 2 of the festival i.e March 5th,2020 on the Main Stage.
  • Each start-up gets a total of 10 minutes on stage
  • The main stage has a capacity of 1500
  • Event duration is 1.5 hours

If you have a question on any of our panel discussion topics which you want to be answered by our esteemed panelists, you can write to us :

If your question is selected, you will be required to provide us a video clip of you asking the question. Don’t worry! The effort won’t go in vain, as the clip will be aired on the AV screen during the panel discussion in front of the live audience. Rest assured, the panelists won’t be able to dodge this question!